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2021 Counter Fraud Quiz

Your local counter fraud team (LCFS) publishes regular updates and notices regarding fraud awareness and fraud prevention at our organisation. The purpose of those publications is to help you understand how fraud in the NHS may happen, and what you can do if you have any suspicion of fraud happening in your place of work. As an intelligence led service, your local counter fraud specialists rely upon your awareness and vigilance as CCG staff members to refer suspicions which can be investigated if required.

The LCFS team have produced a fraud awareness quiz which will help to assess the level of understanding among our staff in about fraud. The aim of the quiz is to allow the LCFS team to understand any knowledge gaps and identify areas for improvement so they can better target training and communication materials to support you.

Please complete the survey and share it with your colleagues. The survey is anonymous and is open to all staff to answer. Completion of the survey will take around 5 minutes and will provide valuable insight into our CCG’s fraud awareness knowledge.

You can access the survey via the link below:

Counter Fraud Quiz