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Primary Care Networks

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are groups of GP practices working together with other local organisations, such as community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services. They will support the needs of a population that has grown, is living longer, and may need to access local health services more often.

Our GP practices have been working together for a number of years, through federations, networks, clusters and partnerships. The NHS Long Term Plan and the new five-year framework for the GP contract, published in January 2019, make this more formal without creating new statutory bodies.

In practice PCNs will build on the work already undertaken and the current services offered by your GP practice. It will mean greater provision of proactive, personalised and coordinated care, as well as more integration between health and social care. This will provide clear benefits for patients and GPs.

PCNs are based on GP registered lists and typically serve communities of 30,000 to 50,000. There are some smaller and some larger than this. They are designed to still provide the personalised care valued by patients, but be big enough to have impact and economies of scale through closer working.

All GP practices across the country have been encouraged to be part of a local PCN, with the aim that PCNs cover the whole country. In Lincolnshire we have 100% percent coverage via 14 PCNs.

Lincolnshire Primary Care Network Alliance

For the last 12 months the Lincolnshire Primary Care Network Alliance has been working hard to support the new emerging Primary Care Networks (PCNs) across Lincolnshire.

The Alliance is about clinical leadership from working GPs with links into every GP practice in Lincolnshire. Their focus is on population health management. The Alliance is general practice’s unified voice at a system level, ready to fully integrate with the local health and care system and be a core member of a future Integrated Care System (ICS). With over 90% of care delivered in general practice, this level of integration will be vital to the future success of our system and to improve the health and wellbeing of our population.

Please see below a link to their annual report for 2019-20. This report gives them the opportunity to provide you with some insight as to the work of the Alliance and what they have done over the past 12 months, including a number of areas they are particularly keen to highlight.

Lincolnshire Primary Care Network Alliance Annual Report

They have also produced a short animation which gives a summary of what the alliance is all about.

East Lindsey Primary Care Network

  • Binbrook Surgery
  • Caistor Health Centre
  • East Lindsey Medical Centre
  • Horncastle Medical Group
  • James Street Family Practice
  • Market Rasen Surgery
  • North Thoresby Surgery
  • Tasburgh Lodge
  • New Coningsby Surgery
  • The Wragby Surgery
  • Woodhall Spa New Surgery

Marsh Medical Practice – The practice is not part of a PCN currently however all patients registered with this practice are covered by the services offered through East Lindsey PCN.

First Coastal Primary Care Network

  • Beacon Medical Practice
  • Hawthorn Medical Practice
  • Marisco Medical Practice

Solas Primary Care Network

  • Merton Lodge Surgery
  • Old Leake Medical Centre
  • Spilsby Surgery
  • Stickney Surgery

Boston Primary Care Network

  • Greyfriars Surgery
  • Kirton Medical Centre
  • Liquorpond Surgery
  • Parkside Medical Centre
  • Swineshead Surgery
  • The Sidings Medical Practice

APEX Primary Care Network

  • Birchwood Medical Practice
  • Woodland Medical Practice
  • Boultham Park Medical Practice
  • Newark Road Surgery
  • Richmond Medical Centre
  • Crossroads Medical Practice

Imp Primary Care Network

  • Abbey Medical Practice
  • Cliff House Medical Practice
  • Glebe Park Surgery
  • Lindum Medical Practice
  • Minster Medical Practice
  • Nettleham Medical Practice
  • The Ingham Surgery
  • Welton Family Health Centre
  • Willingham-by-Stow Surgery

Marina Primary Care Network

  • Brayford Medical Practice
  • Portland Medical Practice
  • University Health Centre

Lincoln City South Healthcare Primary Care Network

  • Branston and Heighington Family Practice
  • Brant Road and Springcliffe Surgery
  • Church Walk Surgery
  • Navenby Cliff Villages Surgery
  • The Bassingham Surgery
  • The Heath Surgery
  • Washingborough Surgery

Trent Primary Care Network

  • Caskgate Street Surgery
  • Cleveland Surgery
  • Hibaldstow Medical Practice
  • The Glebe Practice
  • Trent Valley Surgery

Four Counties Primary Care Network

  • Lakeside Healthcare Stamford
  • Hereward Medical Centre

Market Deeping and Spalding Primary Care Network

  • Beechfield Medical Centre
  • Deepings Practice
  • Munro Medical Centre
  • The Spalding GP Surgery

South Lincolnshire Rural Primary Care Network

  • Abbeyview Surgery
  • Gosberton Medical Centre
  • Littlebury Medical Centre
  • Long Sutton Medical Centre
  • Moulton Medical Centre
  • Sutterton Surgery
  • Holbeach Park Road Medical Centre
  • Bourne Galletly Practice

K2 Healthcare Grantham and Rural Primary Care Network

  • Colsterworth Surgery
  • Long Bennington Surgery
  • Market Cross Surgery
  • St Johns Medical Centre
  • St Peters Hill Surgery
  • Swingbridge Surgery
  • The Glenside Country Practice
  • The Harrowby Lane Practice
  • The Welby Practice
  • Vine Street Surgery

K2 Healthcare Sleaford Primary Care Network

  • Billinghay Medical Practice
  • Caythorpe & Ancaster Surgery
  • Millview Medical Practice
  • Ruskington Surgery
  • Sleaford Medical Group
  • The New Springwells Practice

Syston, Vale and Melton Primary Care Network

Stackyard and Woolsthorpe Surgery are part of the Syston, Vale and Melton PCN in East Leicestershire and Rutland PCN. Further details of this PCN will be provided when available.

Lincolnshire CCG