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Improving Lincolnshire’s health and wellbeing

NHS Lincolnshire CCG has transferred to the new NHS Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board (ICB). Please now visit www.lincolnshire.icb.nhs.uk

Lincolnshire Safeguarding Team

The Lincolnshire Safeguarding Team works on behalf of Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group to safeguard children, young people and adults at risk of abuse and neglect.

Amongst other functions, the key roles of the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Team include:

  • Advice and support to primary Care regarding safeguarding concerns
  • Advise and support the CCGs in the execution of their statutory safeguarding duty
  • Ensure that organisations from which CCGs commission services provide robust assurance that their service(s) safeguard children, young people and adults at risk of abuse or neglect

Key contacts

Lincolnshire Safeguarding Team Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group
Bridge House, The Point, Lions Way, Sleaford NG34 8GG

☎️ Tel: 01522 309317 or 01522 309313 (both direct dial)
📧 Email: swlccg.safeguarding1@nhs.net
This secure account will be checked daily and a response provided within two working days.

Designated Nurse Safeguarding Children, Looked After Children, Adults – Jenny Harper
Email: jenny.harper@nhs.net

Safeguarding & Mortality Review Nurse – Rebecca Pinder
Email: Rebecca.Pinder1@nhs.net

Designate Doctor for Safeguarding Children Adults and LAC – Dr.Julian Saggiorato
Email: j.saggiorato@nhs.net

Named Doctor (GP) – Dr Louise Roscoe
Email: lroscoe@nhs.net

Safeguarding Adults and Children’s Lead  – Claire Tozer
Email: claire.tozer@nhs.net

Head of Safeguarding Children – Nicola Wilkinson
Email: nicola.wilkinson6@nhs.net

Head of Safeguarding Adults – Gail Colley-Bontoft
Email: g.colley-bontoft@nhs.net

Safeguarding Co-ordinator – Barbara Young
Email: barbara.young3@nhs.net