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Adult Hearing Loss service expanded

The Adult Hearing Loss service in Lincolnshire has been expanded to cover patients registered at GP practices in and around Lincoln.

Adult hearing checksOriginally launched in 2017, the Adult Hearing Loss service has been running successfully in the east, south and south west of the county, providing a vital service for people aged 50 and over whose hearing problems are assessed as non-complex.

“We are delighted to be able to expand the service so that patients in the west of the county – i.e. Lincoln and the surrounding area – have the same access to it as those in other parts of the county,” comments Jacqui Smith,  Deputy Planned Care Programme Manager, NHS Lincolnshire CCG.

“Expanding the service not only allows us to equalise access to the service for all patients in Lincolnshire, it also allows us move care closer to home, since the service is being delivered by our providers Scrivens Opticians and Specsavers Hearcare Group, who between them have shops across the county.”

In addition, OutsideClinic will be providing an at home service across Lincolnshire for those patients who are unable to travel and/or have mobility issues, so they can access the Adult Hearing Loss service in their own homes.

“By developing and expanding the service this way for patients with non-complex hearing problems, we can retain hospital capacity for those who are assessed as having more complex hearing problems,” adds Jacqui.

“The Adult Hearing Loss service will also offer patients a 24/7 telephone helpline, extended hours access – including, in some cases, seven day access – and shorter waiting times, as well as easy access to repairs and replacement batteries including a postal service if required.”

Patients affected by the expansion of the service in and around Lincoln – i.e. those deemed to have non-complex hearing problems – will be contacted and will be offered the choice as to which provider they would like to use.

“Being able to offer choice is really important and we hope the coverage offered by Scrivens Opticians and Specsavers Hearcare Group, plus the at-home service offered by OutsideClinic, will mean that patients consider they have the service they need at a location that suits them.

“We will also be sending a survey to patients affected by this change to ask for their views and I would encourage you to complete this, since it will help us understand what’s working well for you, as well as any areas we need to focus on,” explains Jacqui.


Published 08/06/2022