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Improving Lincolnshire’s health and wellbeing

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Annual Report and Accounts 2019/2020

NHS Lincolnshire CCG has just published the final Annual Reports and Accounts documents for the previous four Lincolnshire CCGs – Lincolnshire East, South Lincolnshire, South West Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire West. These organisations ceased to exist on 1 April 2020 following the formation of a single CCG for the County.

The four CCG reports give a brief summary of the individual CCGs, their purpose and activities, demographic profile and how they worked in the health system.

The reports also provide information on:

  • Improvements to Health
  • Reducing Health Inequalities, and
  • Prevention

In addition the reports give an overview of how the CCGs engaged with their population over the year and how they were able to get involved in the many decisions made about healthcare locally.

We hope that you enjoy reading these reports.