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BLOG: World Diabetes Day – Lisa, ICS Health and Wellbeing Coach

Lisa - ICS Health & Wellbeing

Hi my name is Lisa, and I am Health and Wellbeing Coach for ICS Health & Wellbeing, the provider for the National Diabetes Prevention Programme in Lincolnshire, and I want to let you know about our brilliant programme.

Type 2 Diabetes is arguably one of the most preventable conditions of our time, leading to a significant reduction in quality of life and potential health conditions.

The nature of Type 2 Diabetes means that symptoms develop gradually over a number of years, meaning they often go unnoticed by our patients or mistaken as the symptoms of other conditions.

Screening and prevention are the gifts of our time and the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme targets those patients with elevated blood sugar, putting them at significant risk of going on to develop the condition.

The programme is one of education, practical application and support over a nine-month period. It has successfully proven to support weight management and reduce a participant’s blood sugar levels.

Seven weekly sessions of an hour each cover various aspects of nutrition, healthy balance and the benefits of exercise as part of a group of approximately 20 people. These are followed by four monthly sessions of an hour as ongoing support and also covering other aspects of our lifestyles that may put us at risk of Type 2 Diabetes such as long-term chronic stress and sleep deprivation.

The premise of the programme is ‘small, sustainable changes’, as a result of each patient’s understanding about what causes Type 2 Diabetes and what puts them as individuals at risk. Our patients are in control and decide what aspects of their lives they can begin to make these changes to whilst taking into account their own unique lives and preferences.

Throughout this journey our patients are supported and guided by people like me (Health and Wellbeing Coaches) who are assigned to their group. A major part of my role is to provide the patients I see with healthy lifestyle information, which helps them make the correct choices to reduce their risk of diabetes. It is great to see the how the group members support one another throughout their time on the programme, and often these support groups continue after their Diabetes Prevention group sessions end.

Find out more about your local Healtheir You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

Published 13/11/2020