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CCG Return to Work/Office Proposals

Dear Colleagues

As discussed recently on Team Talk Live, Martin agreed that we are happy to share  with you our early thoughts for returning to the offices that is going for approval on 17th June. Please note this is being shared with you at the earliest possible stage and is a proposal for consideration by Senior Managers. CCG Return to Work/Office Proposals 11.06.21

There are a few points to note:

  • As already communicated there will be no big bang return to the office but a planned coordinated ‘pilot’ approach in two phases to take into account the various unknowns at this time
  • The example of how it would operate given is Bridge House so only includes teams that it’s their usual base, the final document will have both offices and all teams covered particularly those that may need to meet as one at times
  • There are a wide variety of logistical issues to work through not least how the offices can be utilised when many people could be on multiple teams meetings in one office as well as considerations around staff health and safety

When the proposals have been agreed, we will provide details to everyone again as soon as we have worked through further measures for the return taking account of national guidance which is yet to be issued.