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Celebrating Christmas safely

As Christmas approaches, our Infection Prevention and Control Team has considered how we can safely celebrate whilst keeping our staff safe. The below rules have been put in place for the Christmas period this year:

  • Xmas parties (on site) – Parties on our sites are discouraged. In all cases, maximum occupancy of a room must not be exceeded and masks should be worn.  However, staff are permitted to bring some festive treats to enjoy in a staff room on break times (but not a full buffet).
  • Xmas parties (off-site) – We continue to ask that staff respectfully comply with actions to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 infection.
  • Buffets – Are discouraged
  • Xmas decorations – A decorated Christmas tree is permitted. No decorations that hang or are placed on horizontal surfaces – as these make cleaning more difficult.
  • Xmas window decorations- Windows may be decorated with window art, using non-permanent markers or paint, but no objects should be affixed to the window.
  • Raffles – Prizes should be photographed and laminated rather than the items displayed, but can be available for someone to look at if they wish to do this (could be stored an office, for example)

We know that this guidance may be disappointing to some who may have wished to decorate their offices more extensively, but we do need to prioritise keeping our areas free of clutter and easily cleaned, to keep our staff safe.