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Changes to the Integrated Care Board timetable

Dear All

I am writing to let you know that it has been confirmed by NHS England today that the anticipated date for the introduction of the new statutory Integrated Care System arrangements, which includes the establishment of the NHS Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board, has been pushed back three months from 1 April to 1 July 2022.

We have been advised that this change has been made because there is not enough time left in the parliamentary timetable before the original 1 April deadline for the legislation to be approved. It is affecting all health and care systems and every CCG in England.  What this means is that the CCG will now continue as a statutory NHS organisation until 30 June 2022 rather than 31 March, and that we will continue with our current responsibilities and in our current form until then.

In many ways, this three month extension is helpful, and I am sure that we shall all take it comfortably in our stride. We are already taking every opportunity to integrate health and care on the ground, and this will enable us all in the short term to continue to concentrate on the immediate operational NHS priorities in Lincolnshire which are so important to our citizens. It will also give us additional time to both plan and effect a smooth transfer of CCG responsibilities and staff into the ICB, and equally to ensure that the ICB itself is fully established in a safe and effective way.

In my role of ICB Chief Executive Designate I will continue to press on with the appointment processes to the various ICB Board roles and also, as CCG Chief Executive, will of course keep you involved and regularly updated on progress.

Thank you again for all of your hard work. I shall look forward to speaking with you about all this at our weekly Team Talk Live meetings in the New Year.

Best wishes,


John Turner
Chief Executive, NHS Lincolnshire CCG