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Congratulations to Jo Wright

I am pleased to announce that Jo Wright has secured a role with NHS Cambridgeshire STP providing system finance leadership and implementing new financial systems for the Cambridgeshire system.

As you know Jo’s CFO role ended with the creation of NHS Lincolnshire CCG.  Jo has been supporting the CCG with IT implementation and business change work this year while working in the response centre and since September been one of the SVOC Gold Commanders.  I am very pleased that she has landed a rewarding role in a neighbouring system.

Jo has worked in the Lincolnshire system in a variety of roles ultimately as CFO for South and South West Lincolnshire CCGs.  In her 18 years in Lincolnshire she has worked diligently and with courtesy to achieve her goals and create strong working relationships.  Along with Jo’s many friends and colleagues within the system and CCG, I wish Jo well as she further develops her career.  Jo will start her new role on Monday next week.

I feel sure you will join me in congratulating Jo in this new chapter of her career.

Thanks very much.

Matt Gaunt
Director of Finance and Contracting