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EVENTS: LGBT+ History Month 2021 – Intersectionality: Loosening the labels

LBGT + History Month Lincs NHS events


This is NHS Lincolnshire’s sixth annual celebration of LGBT+ History Month in support of LGBT+ staff, patients and stakeholders.

February marks LGBT+ History Month which is an annual celebration that provides education and insight into the labels and restrictions that the LGBT+ community face. The aim of LGBT+ History Month is primarily to teach people about the history of the LGBT+ rights movement and to promote an inclusive modern society.
Throughout these NHS Lincolnshire events in February 2021, we aim to support delegates to appreciate and understand the history behind the lesbian, gay, bi and trans communities, particularly relating to Intersectionality. We will also explore how we can offer better support to members of our LGBT+ community and our patients by loosening these potentially restrictive labels.
These virtual webinars and quizzes are open to NHS Lincolnshire staff working at LPFT, LCHS and ULHT.