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Finance team and provider collaboration proves beneficial

The hard work and perseverance of Darryl Uglow, S117 Coordinator and Transforming Care Finance Lead, has reaped dividends in the shape of a greatly improved relationship with a key care provider in the Learning Disabilities care sector market.

Previously beset by a reluctance on the part of the provider to engage with the CCG and Lincolnshire County Council, extensive work carried out by Darryl, which included a commitment to ongoing communication between all parties, has meant that the provider has agreed he can be a part of their management induction programme.

“This is a great example of trying to embed solutions to problems at an early stage,” explains Darryl.  “The issues we’ve been working to cover off include the differences in public sector funding, impact of being a responsible commissioner, growth in the market, and evidencing that care is being delivered, as well as working as part of a bigger system.

“It has taken over a year of ongoing emails and calls to even begin to start the engagement process with the care provider, but it has paid off for us locally and now a number of other CCGs have approached us for our advice and support.”