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Finding Comfort in a New Healthy Routine

Hi there,

New Year has arrived, but employees are still struggling to balance remote work, distance learning and childcare, all while combating burnout.

70% of employees report that their daily routines have been affected by COVID-19 and that’s contributing to higher stress levels and lower engagement levels. Employers have a responsibility to offer support, flexibility and, most importantly, guidance to empower their workforce to establish daily habits that support their health and wellbeing.

Share these tips with your workforce to help them find balance and prioritise their wellbeing so they can bring their whole selves to work each day. 

Download this Tip Sheet to learn:

  • The importance of starting each day with healthy behaviors.
  • Why scheduling regular breaks throughout the day helps to boost productivity and avoid burnout.
  • How to create an after-work ritual that promotes work-life balance.

Published 22/01/2021