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Newark Road Surgery and Portland Medical Practice Merger

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NHS Lincolnshire CCG is pleased to announce that Newark Road Surgery and Portland Medical Practice are to merge from 1 April 2022 to form Heart of Lincoln Medical Group.

Following a six week consultation, the  Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have supported the application on the basis the merger will:

  • increase the sustainability and resilience of services for patients;
  • bring clinical teams closer together;
  • enhance care to patients, by offering greater flexibility, patient choice and access;
  • reduce the administrative work for both clinical and non-clinical staff, allowing clinicians to focus on patient care, and
  • provide a centre of excellence for training future NHS staff

We would like to thank all patients at both GP practices, who took the time to respond to our consultation, and to those who took the time to attend our patient engagement events. Your input into the process has been invaluable to us.

▶️ Notice to all patients registered at Newark Road Surgery and Portland Medical Practice – Merger decision

What does this mean for patients?

As a patient already registered at either GP practice, your patient registration will automatically transfer to the new single practice and your medical records and repeat prescription information will also be transferred.

It is likely that you will not see any real change initially, and you will be able to continue to access services at the current locations as you do now, using the same contact details. Over time it is anticipated that there will be improved access and the offer of more specialist clinics and services, due to our improved access to a wider healthcare team.

If, however you do not want to remain registered as a patient at Heart of Lincoln Medical Group, you do have the right to choose an alternative GP practice. If you have any concerns that could be answered without the need for you to change, please do speak to the GP practice first. If you still feel that you do not wish to be a patient, speak to a member of staff who will be able to advise of you on alternative options. You can use the NHS website to find GP services near you – all you need is your postcode. Prior to registering, you will need to confirm with the new GP practice that your home address falls within their catchment area and that they are taking new patients.

What else is changing?

Up to now, Newark Road Surgery had been working as part of the APEX Primary Care Network (PCN).  As a result of the merger from April 2021, the new single practice will fall under the Marina PCN, and the existing Marina PCN will change its name to Lincoln Health Partnership.

Primary Care Networks now exist across the whole of England and mean health and care services can work more closely together to improve health and wellbeing.  The change of PCN for Newark Road patients will be seamless and there will be no negative impacts on patients. The current additional services of clinical pharmacy, first contact physio and social prescribing will still be available to all patients.

Why did the merger happen?

As you will be aware, the two GP practices were having difficulty in recruiting salaried GPs and like many practices, were finding that GPs were unwilling to become partners due to the considerable investment and responsibilities involved. By sharing the resources and expertise of the two current GP practices, having one single GP practice will strengthen our ability to maintain high quality care for our patients, invest in innovation and create a stable and sustainable GP practice for the future. The proposed new single practice will provide greater flexibility, choice, and access for patients.

We believe that a single GP practice is in the best interests of all our patients and that together we will be in a stronger position to ensure the best possible service to our patients, offering a sustainable and resilient future.

Want to know more?

We have a full list of Frequently asked questions about the merger process. Click here to view our FAQs.