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Health Protection Newsletter | May 2022

NHS Lincolnshire CCG Health Protection

Meet the team!

Jennifer Clements – Lead NurseJennifer Clements – Lead Nurse

Hi. For those who don’t already know me, I am Jennifer (Jennie) Clements and I joined the CCG in 2015 as a Health Protection Nurse. I am now Lead Nurse for the team and have recently returned from Maternity Leave. I started working for the NHS in 1999 after leaving the Army. I worked as a cleaner and then a Healthcare Assistant at Lincoln County Hospital, where I started my Nursing training. My background is in Theatre Nursing – I was a scrub nurse, specializing in Trauma and Orthopaedics at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston for a number of years.

Over the last 7 years with the CCG, I have really enjoyed working with all our provider organisations to improve the quality of IPC practice. I have been involved in the organization and delivery of a number of conferences to focus on specific IPC issues and shared learning across the system.

In my spare time, I am a busy Mom to 3 boys and enjoy cooking and baking (which seems to be a shared interest amongst the team!!)

Jane Finch – Senior Health Protection NurseJane Finch – Senior Health Protection Nurse

Hello- I’m Jane Finch. I have recently joined the NHS Lincolnshire CCG Health Protection Team as a Senior Health Protection Nurse.

My clinical nursing background is in infectious diseases, HIV and tropical medicine. I worked in a central London teaching hospital for 11 years prior to relocating to the East Midlands in 2014. I have over 10 years’ experience of infection prevention and control in a variety of settings including neonatal intensive care, cardiac, dental, forensic and community services. I have also worked as a practice nurse in a local prison and in health protection with PHE (now the UKHSA).

I have a particular interest in communicable diseases and will be leading some of the work on outbreak response and communicable disease control for the CCG health protection team. I am passionate about supporting clinical teams to ensure a high standard of infection prevention and control, and I look forward to meeting staff in primary and secondary care settings during visits and training opportunities.

As well as being a nurse I’m a trained musician, and I play in a string quartet and sing in a choir. I love being out of doors, and I often go walking with family and friends in the Lincolnshire Wolds or further afield. I have an allotment in a pretty spot on the edge of Lincoln, and a perfect Saturday afternoon for me is a good dig followed by a cuppa and some cake.

Joanne Enstone – Senior Health Protection NurseJoanne Enstone – Senior Health Protection Nurse

Greetings everyone, to those I have met in person, and those I have not yet. I am Joanne Enstone, a Senior Health Protection Nurse. I joined the CCG in May 2021, moving from an Infection Prevention and Control Nurse post at an acute Trust in Mansfield. I did my nurse training in Nottingham, initially working in surgery, then away from clinical nursing my main posts have been in communicable disease and HCAI surveillance, research and IPC.

My research interests (at Nottingham University) focussed on transmission of respiratory infections, so it is interesting to see the debate around aerosol transmission continue with covid -19. It was exciting to work with research teams during the swine flu pandemic, and get involved with clinical studies on the back of that, such that sometimes I even find myself mildly envious of those working in research in the far busier covid pandemic times! But I love Health Protection and the breadth of opportunities it involves. I have really enjoyed meeting those of you I’ve met on visits to practices and study days and I look forward to meeting even more of you in the coming months, now the Health Protection Team is expanding.
In my free time I am mainly found enjoying the outdoors, or baking!

Karen Clark – AdministratorKaren Clark – Administrator

Hello- I’m Karen Clark. I have recently joined the NHS Lincolnshire CCG Health Protection Team as a Health Protection Administrator.

I have had an interest in Infection Control since starting a Role at Morton Hall NHS Health Centre in 2007, and have stayed in the field through PCT, Local Authority and ULHT before joining Lincolnshire CCG Health Protection in September 2021.
The roles have been varied and led me to develop knowledge in all areas of IPC from GP surgeries, Schools and Nurseries, Care facilities through to the hospital setting.

During my spare time I am a busy mum to three children and carer for my Father and enjoy baking weekly trying new recipes.

Year End Roundup:

2021/22 saw much change for the HP team. Jo and Karen joined the team earlier in the year and Jane a little later. I returned from maternity leave and we are settling into working together as a team. Covid is becoming part of day to day life and we are all learning to live with it.

The team has been involved in the biggest outbreak of Avian Influenza that we have encountered in the UK and work is still ongoing to manage this.

We have been involved with the Covid vaccination programme and assisted with IPC training at the mass vaccination sites in Lincoln and Boston.

We have also managed to start incorporating “business as usual” again and now have a solid work plan for 2022/23. We are looking forward to getting back to regular visits with providers and being able to pick up more proactive work as well.
We continue to focus on the reduction of healthcare associated infections and will be working with providers (who haven’t already) to adopt the new National Cleaning Standards.

Contact information:

Shared secure email:
Office tel: 01522 513355 (not currently in use)

Jennifer Clements – Lead Nurse
07790 397037 or 07904 722880

Joanne Enstone – Senior Health Protection Nurse
07971 982936 or 07920 186459 (best for calls)

Jane Finch – Senior Health Protection Nurse
07929 078234

Karen Clark – Health protection Administrator
07814 939356