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IMPORTANT: Getting Help with Pension and Payroll Queries

You and your teams may find that your September and/or October pay or pension payment is not as you expected. This could be due to the 2021 3% national NHS pay award affecting your pension tier, and the contribution rates you pay, in the NHS Pension Scheme.

Our payroll and pensions service is supplied by NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) who are receiving an exceptional number of queries on this topic. Call volumes to the NHS SBS Employee Service Desk (ESD) are currently more than double the daily average, resulting in long and frustrating queues for people trying to get through.

If you have a query about your September or October pension or pay:

1) NHS SBS understand how important it is that your pay and pension payments are correct. Please be assured that all queries will be investigated and resolved as soon as possible

2) The quickest way to get a fast and accurate response to your enquiry is to use the NHS SBS self-service portal at, using your ESR email address

3) If you experience any difficulties registering for the self-service portal, please visit and click on ‘registration issue’

4) Only if you are unable to access the portal should you call NHS SBS on 0303 123 1144 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm). To avoid a long wait time, you can choose to leave a voicemail with your assignment (staff) number, contact details and a brief description of your query. A case will be logged for you with the relevant team

5) You can read more about the NHS Pension tiers and contribution rates at

Please remember to be kind. Pension scheme rules are implemented by the government, enforced by NHS Pensions, assessed by ESR and only implemented by the employer (or by a payroll supplier such as NHS SBS on the employer’s behalf).

NHS SBS staff are working extremely hard to help everyone affected; they expect the situation to improve considerably by Friday 5 November, with a return to normal service levels within 4 weeks.