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Information Governance and Cyber Security Awareness Month

The Information Governance (IG) and Cyber Security teams are welcoming you to join them throughout November for a month of presentations and discussions to raise organisation-wide awareness and highlight some of the risks and rewards that good or poor IG and Cyber practices can bring to you in your everyday working environment. There’s something for everyone as we will be covering a broad range of topics and would love to see you there and hope that you learn something.

How to get involved?

We’ll be attaching a timetable covering a broad range of topics we plan to cover in numerous lunchtime sessions throughout the month. Just pick out the sessions with topics you would like to learn more about and we’ll see you there.

Can’t make it?

Don’t worry, we’ll send the slides for each session out with the following weeks edition of the CCG newsletter.

Have a specific query?

Were happy to take questions during all of the listed sessions. We’ll also be holding an hour-long IG surgery at the end of the month. Please feel free to contact us at in the meantime.

Key dates

Joining instructions and invites to follow.

Tuesday – 02/11/2021, 13:00-13:30
Introduction to IG
Meet the team, myth busting and learn the basics around GDPR and data sharing.

Thursday – 04/11/2021, 13:00-13:30
IG Resources and Tools
What mechanisms and peoples are in place to support you in the CCG for employees, practices and PCNs?

Tuesday – 09/11/2021, 13:00-13:30
Introduction to Cyber Security
Meet the team and learn what they do. The team will also cover ‘High severity cyber alerts’ and ‘ICO risks / considerations’.

Thursday – 11/11/2021, 13:00-13:30
Cyber Security Essentials
Password best practice, the importance of security updates and how to spot a phishing email all included.

Tuesday – 16/11/2021, 13:00-13:30
Privacy and Confidentiality
Learn about the common law of confidentiality and see first hand how private your personal data is.

Thursday – 18/11/2021, 13:00-13:30
IG risks, incidents and DATIX
Reporting of incidents/significant events, how to identify data breaches and how to report them.

Tuesday – 23/11/2021, 13:00-13:30
Data Protection Impact Assessments
What is a DPIA?
Why are they so important?
When should you complete one?
Join us to find out.

Thursday – 25/11/2021, 13:00-13:30
Data Sharing/Processing Agreements
What is a Data Sharing Agreement?
What is a Data Processing Agreement?
What’s the difference?

Tuesday – 30/11/2021, 13:00-14:00
IG Surgery, Q&A
Ask us anything. Bring your queries and questions to the meeting.