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Joanne tells others with Down’s Syndrome not to be scared of getting the COVID-19 vaccination

A woman with Down’s Syndrome was so impressed by her recent experience of getting the coronavirus vaccination, that she has decided to help others by making her own video to help demystify the process.

Joanne from Rugby received the coronavirus vaccine at her local GP led service last week. The 40 year old is in cohort six and is now a priority group for the vaccination. She has produced a video to share her experience of receiving the vaccine which has hopes will encourage others with Down’s Syndrome to get vaccinated.

A recent study led by researchers from the University of Oxford has highlighted the importance of people with Down’s Syndrome being vaccinated; it estimated that adults with Down’s Syndrome are at almost five times the risk for COVID-19 related hospitalisation and 10 times the risk for related death.

Filmed and presented by Joanne, in the video she explains the process to let people know what to expect and she explains that people with Down’s Syndrome can take a friend, relative or next of kin to their appointment and that the staff at the vaccination centre are super friendly.

The video also alleviates concerns people may have about receiving the vaccine. Speaking about her experience, Joanne says: “My experience was fantastic, they explained it to me really well. It was quick, you don’t have to be scared.”

Dr Sarah Raistrick, Chair of Coventry and Rugby CCG and a Coventry GP said: “I hope people take the time to watch Joanne’s video and realise that having the vaccine isn’t as scary as they may think. The vaccine is really important to protect people from the virus, especially for people with Down’s Syndrome, and I think Joanne’s message will help to reassure people like her to get vaccinated.”

People with Down’s Syndrome will be invited to receive their COVID-19 vaccination at a local vaccination centre and do not need to contact the NHS for an appointment.


Published 01/03/2021