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LCCG Bulletin – Update on Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights (EIHR)

Please see our update on Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights (EIHR) work April – October 21.

Black History month: October is Black History Month. Please see attached the Black History Month 2021 programme. There are several virtual events taking place, so feel free to join the conversations around the different topics and learn about the important contributions that black people have made throughout history:

See Black History Month programme of events for staff.

Lincolnshire CCG Equality Strategy: This strategy aims to ensure that Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights is central to Lincolnshire CCG’s work. The strategy sets out the CCGs intentions around EIHR for the next three years to ensure the best possible outcomes for its workforce, the local communities; and especially those seldom heard groups who experience health inequalities. The strategy was approved in July 21 and is available on the LCCG EIHR webpage.

Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) template and guidance:

EIAs enable staff to give due regard to equalities when assessing the impact of an activity, policy, or project either in its revision or developmental stage. We are encouraging LCCG staff to continue undertaking EIAs as part of their work to ensure that the services provided to our staff, Providers and the diverse communities we serve are free from any form of discrimination and are accessible to all.

We are conscious that some staff don’t feel confident about doing EIAs and they often see it as an onerous task. To help the situation we are looking to develop and deliver some short training sessions on the importance of EIAs and how and when to do an EIA. The training will commence once we have had the results back from the recent training needs analysis and information will be sent to you in due course. In the meantime, see link to the guidance and form and please contact Kamljit or other members of the Equality Forum if you need further advice or assistance: –

Equality Impact Analysis Guidance

Equality Impact Analysis Form

Training Needs Analysis: The LCCG equality forum has developed a training needs assessment form, which was circulated to LCCG staff in September. The main reason for this is to: –

  • Identify what level of training the CCG offers to the workforce in relation to Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights
  • Find out how many staff have undertaken EIHR training and in which aspects
  • Assess staff knowledge and awareness of EIHR

This work has been undertaken as part of LCCGs work to implement its objectives and actions from the EIHR action plan 2020-2023 and in particular objective 3, Action 3.4 ‘Assess current Equality training provision and staff professional development and introduce packages to enhance their knowledge and awareness’.  The questionnaire also looks to identify if staff are interested in the development staff networks, which further links to our work on the action plan objective 1, action 1.4 ‘Develop questionnaire to assess whether there is an appetite for staff networks within the CCG’

Please fill in the form if you have not yet had a chance to do so, by the 15 October 21 CCG EIHR Survey

Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES): With regards to WRES work: –

  • WRES data set (SDCS submission) – was submitted to NHSE/I WRES team before the end of August 2021 deadline
  • WRES, report (redacted for publication) was completed, approved, and published on the CCG website in October 2021
  • WRES action plan – due to Covid 19 situation, work was slightly delayed on the 2020 action plan and it was decided that the plan be reviewed and updated for 2021. The plan is linked to the CCG’s equality objective focusing on ‘enhancing workforce data and providing staff support’. The updated action plan has been published on the CCG website. The action plan will be reviewed regularly to highlight work outcomes and implementation.

WRES 2021 documents.

Policies update:  Seven HR policies have been updated in phase one for LCCG – EIAs have been undertaken and all policies have been approved by the Senior Management Operations Delivery Group (SMODG). Further HR policies and EIAs to be reviewed and updated in Phase two.

Equality Forum:  With the onset of ICS/ICB impending members the Equality Forum felt it important to initiate discussions with Lincolnshire Providers around key systemwide equalities work priorities and approaches. Discussions commenced in the July equality forum meeting with ULHT, LPFT and LCHS equality leads. Initial Priorities discussed in terms of joint work going forward include: –

  1. Systemwide equalities Training strategy – we recognise that system Providers are keen to progress Cultural Intelligence Training (CIT) and LCCG has recently circulated a training needs questionnaire (as stated above) to staff to identify what training they have undertaken and seek their views on possible areas of training going forward, CIT being one of those areas.
  2. Diversity listening events – these originally took place between ULHT and LECCG. We would like to initiate discussions around re-establishing these events within the wider system – having a clear focus on topic areas and a scheduled programme of events for the year would be essential.
  3. EIA Template – should there be a shared EIA template for commissioning, provider services and HR functions etc?
  4. Equality Strategy for the System – work on a joint EDI strategy/actions incorporating key systemwide equality work priorities for the ICS/ICB.

Next steps will be to look at extending part two of the equality forum meeting in November to other provider organisations including Primary care and the Local Authority and seeking their views on what they see as their key priorities and how, as a system going forward, we can consolidate these through joint system working.

Equalities in Communications and Engagement: Implementation of work continues on Objective five of the action plan to ‘address BAME disparities in relation to Covid-19’ for example comms and engagement teams have enabled accessible methods to be considered and embedded in health activities and campaigns to notify and advise diverse communities of e.g., Covid-19/vaccinations and other key health priorities to tackle health inequalities. Update reports have been shared with the Equality Forum as well as regular bulletins circulated to LCCG workforce to keep them updated with EIHR developments.

Equality Webpage: The LCCG equalities webpage has continued to evolve since its launch in early 2020. It is updated regularly as work progresses and continues to be an ideal resource for the CCG to publish EIHR compliance information in line with its responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010, PSED. It is also a good means of communicating information to staff and the public about LCCG events and activities. Staff are encouraged to use the site as an important resource for information and documents.

For any issues relating to Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights please contact Kamljit Obhi – or Ian Holdich –