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Improving Lincolnshire’s health and wellbeing

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Leading Lincolnshire’s Vaccination Programme – Rebecca Neno

Rebecca Neno

“The NHS is currently undertaking one of its biggest challenges in its history in the planning and delivery of the Covid 19 Vaccination Programme whilst ensuring people can still access NHS services.

In Lincolnshire we have risen to this challenge, enabling almost 90% of over 50s, health and social care workers and those with long term health conditions to have received their first Covid-19 vaccination.  We are working hard to ensure people come forward for 2nd dose vaccination to complete their course. We remain focussed on the achievement of the targets set out by the Government to ensure our county isn’t left behind in the vaccination race. The overall programme has been described as 2 sprints and a marathon, we have completed the first sprint and we are just about to commence the second with the marathon to be completed during the summer months.

Planning began back in late summer 2020; in fact I remember attending the meeting vividly where we were asked to commence planning for a mass vaccination programme.  Planning commenced for a programme that we didn’t fully understand and where there were more questions than answers but that didn’t stop us from rolling up our sleeves and focussing on the required job.

It was apparent from day one that all parts of the NHS in Lincolnshire along with our partners including the County Council, Lincolnshire Resilience Forum, the voluntary services and the military needed to work together to ensure we could deliver the programme for the people of Lincolnshire. I have worked, as a nurse, in the NHS for over 25 years and I have never before seen the coming together of people and organisations with a combined enthusiasm and goal of bringing this pandemic under control and the return of our lives to some normality.  I can’t underestimate the personal commitment shown by the team who have spent many hours beyond those paid to deliver the programme in Lincolnshire and as a resident I will remain grateful for many years to come.

Our successes have been vast and my aim of ensuring Lincolnshire had access to early vaccination was realised when we opened our first hospital hub at Lincoln County Hospital on 8th December 2020. We quickly followed this success with the opening of 2 local vaccination sites in Louth and Grantham the following week. Over the coming weeks we added another hospital hub in Boston and 11 more local vaccination sites run by our amazing GP Practices working together to ensure local access for those unable to travel distances, for the housebound and for those that prefer to access a vaccination closer to home.  During January 2021 we added 2 Mass Vaccination Centres, the first at the Princess Royal Sports Arena in Boston which was the first to open in the east midlands and today remains one of the larger sites within the region and the second at the Showground in Lincoln. Daily, these sites are able to vaccinate 1500 and 1000 people respectively and the workforce has been employed specifically for this task. In Lincolnshire we have an amazing voluntary support network and working together our voluntary organisations are providing all the non-clinical roles and support to the mass vaccination centres.

Vaccination brings us closer to doing what we love with those we love. The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is safe and effective. It gives you the best protection against coronavirus. We want to encourage people living in Lincolnshire to get their COVID-19 vaccine when invited to protect yourself, your loved ones and local community.

We have much to celebrate in Lincolnshire and our achievements to date have been incredible but there is still more to do. Together we will succeed. Let’s do this together Lincolnshire!”

Rebecca Neno, Deputy Chief Nurse, SRO Covid 19 Vaccination Programme, NHS Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group