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LGBT+ History Month – February 2021

LBGT + History Month Lincs NHS events
February marks LGBT+ History Month which is an annual celebration that provides education and insight into the labels and restrictions that the LGBT+ community face. The aim of LGBT+ History Month is primarily to teach people about the history of the LGBT+ rights movement and to promote an inclusive modern society. This is NHS Lincolnshire’s sixth annual celebration in support of LGBT+ staff, patients and stakeholders. Our theme this year is intersectionality and despite the events being virtual, we continue to host an excellent line up of guest speakers. NHS Staff can sign up to attend these webinars and quizzes throughout February via Eventbrite.

Staff events for LGBT+ History Month

2 February 12:00-13:00 Vicky Baxter-Poole, LPFT LGBT+ History Month: Our journey to becoming Mums,  Vicky Baxter-Poole, Team Coordinator for Records and Information Governance, LPFT, talks about her and her wife’s experience of bringing their sons home and their journey of navigating IVF and adoption as a same-sex couple.


4 February 12:30-13:45 Fighting With Pride: LGBT+ Military Charity Forgotten heroes: The pathway to recovery for LPFT veterans

Fighting With Pride (FWP) is a registered charity (1191863), launched in January 2020 to support the health and wellbeing of LGBT+ Veterans, serving personnel and their families, particularly those who were affected by the ban on LGBT+ military service prior to 12th January 2000. Today it is hard to believe that between 1955 and 2000, thousands of LGBT+ service personnel were hunted down, interrogated, and dismissed or forced from service. For many, the shocking circumstances, methods, and consequences of dismissal precipitated debilitating mental health issues. They fell on hard times, became isolated from service charities and support organisations, and often family too, and in the 21 years since the ban was finally lifted, no attempt has previously been made to find, recover or support them.

LPFT is delighted to introduce FWPs Joint CEOs Caroline Paige (RAF) and Craig Jones MBE (RN), along with FWP Board member Kate Green (Army), for a talk about what happened to these Veterans, using lived-experience accounts to reveal the consequences of the ban and the distress that still endures today, why many remain isolated from the help that awaits them now, and what needs to be done to enable recovery. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions afterwards.


9 February 12:30-13:30 Jaipreet Deo, Stonewall- Bi identities
Jaipreet Deo (she/her) is a client account manager at Stonewall. She works with organisations, primarily in the health and social care sector, to promote LGBT inclusion in the workplace and beyond. This session will concentrate on bi identities, bi experiences in daily life and healthcare, and actions you can take to step up as an active ally to bi people.


11 February 12:30-13:30 LGBT+ Space, William Farr School, Lincoln
Young people’s perspectives on the importance of Intersectionality and finding your voice within the LGBT+ Community. A discussion around the importance of representation, visibility and how to find your voice


12 February 11:00-12:00 Lizzie Streeter, Senior National LGBT Health Programme Manager, NHS England and NHS  Improvement                                                                            Lizzie provides programme management in delivering the Government’s LGBT Action Plan priorities to tackle health inequalities for LGBT people, supporting Dr Brady, the National Advisor for LGBT Health.

Lizzie joined the team from the Maternity Transformation Programme at NHS England, and prior to this the Personalised Care Group. Lizzie was previously the NHS England London region LGBT+ staff network lead, supporting the organisation’s Stonewall submission each year to improve LGBT staff experience, as well as delivering trans and bi ally training and organising the network’s participation in Pride events.  Lizzie was also Chair of LGBT Humanists, 2017-18.


15 February 12:30-13:00 Rob Cullum, Chair of the ULHT LGBT+ Staff Network ‘An introduction to active bystandership’

This interactive session will introduce people to the idea of active bystandership and will discuss some of the approaches people can take to intervene when they witness any kind of harassment or discrimination both inside and outside of the workplace. Rob will also discuss some of the challenges and how these might be overcome.


18 February 11:30-13:00 LGBT+ History Month virtual quiz
This quiz is an opportunity to join with other NHS colleagues virtually and have some fun, focusing on the celebration and recognition of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT+) people and culture, past and present.

18 February 17:00-18:30 LGBT+ History Month virtual quiz  

This quiz is a repeat of the 11:30 quiz and is perfect for anyone who is unavailable during the day.


23 February 13:00-14:00 SPECIAL GUEST – Lord Michael Cashman CBE

Lord Michael Cashman CBE is an actor, activist, writer, politician and the co-founder and founding chair of the Stonewall Group.


25 February 13:00-15:00 SPECIAL GUEST – Reverend Richard Coles

Reverend Coles will be joining us to share his story with an emphasis on reconciling sexuality and faith. Rev. Coles will also be exploring:

· His experience of being gay in the UK and how things have changed over the years.

· Barriers he has faced throughout his journey of coming out, being a gay man with faith and beliefs.

· How his experiences and any barriers have shaped him over the years

· How the church has evolved over time.

The Reverend Richard Coles is a Church of England priest in Finedon, Northamptonshire. However, in complete contrast, more than a quarter of a century ago Richard was the instrumentalist half of pop band The Communards, together with Jimmy Somerville. During the 1980s The Communards had three UK Top 10 hits, including Never Can Say Goodbye and the biggest-selling single of 1986, Don’t Leave Me This Way. This therefore affords him the unique position as being the world’s only vicar to have had a No.1 hit record. Richard is co-presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live and also a regular contributor to ‘Pause for Thought’ on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show. He is a frequent guest panellist on shows such as Have I Got News For You, Would I Lie To You? and QI.


2 March 11:30-12:30 LGBT+ History Month Reflections                                                                                   

 A chance to reflect on the series of events over the past month and what we have learnt.