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Lincolnshire covid booster programme continues to go from strength to strength

Following on from last week’s announcement that the covid booster programme was to be extended to all adults aged 40-49, the rollout of the vaccination programme goes from strength to strength in Lincolnshire, with 211,417 people having had their booster jab to-date.

“To put it another way, this means that over two thirds of all people eligible for a booster have had it, with 68.2% of people aged 40 and over having had their booster, and 68.9% of people aged 50 and over having received theirs,” comments Rebecca Neno, Director of Covid and Influenza Vaccination Programmes, NHS Lincolnshire CCG.

“As we have said on numerous occasions before, we are so delighted with the response to the vaccination programme from the Lincolnshire public, whose support is humbling.  As we go into winter, it becomes even more important that people get their covid vaccinations, as well as their flu vaccinations, in order to have the best possible protection.”

Another part of the vaccination programme that continues to be very successful is the vaccinating of children aged 12-15, with 50% of eligible children now vaccinated.  In support of this, a series of pop-up sessions have been arranged over the coming weeks at PRSA, the Lincolnshire Showground, and in Skegness and Spalding. Find out more.

“We’re actually one of the top-performing areas in the country for various parts of the vaccination programme, including the 12-15s, which is testament to the support from the public, but also the sheer hard work on the part of our vaccination teams.  The ‘pop-ups’ provide another option for those children who have missed the vaccination in-school, or who are yet to have it.  Parents/guardians just need to remember that, whilst no appointment is necessary, you do still need to consent first for your child to be vaccinated,” adds Rebecca.

One recurring question being asked by parents/guardians of 12-15 year-olds who have been vaccinated is “my child cannot use the NHS app to prove they have been vaccinated, can you provide us with proof of vaccination?”.

“As a parent myself I understand why other parents and guardians are asking this question and the straightforward answer is that you will receive an email confirming your child has been vaccinated.  We appreciate the NHS app is not available to those under 16, this is a government decision and not something we have any control over, but we hope the confirmation email will help,” explains Rebecca.

As a reminder, the Mass Vaccination Centre at the Lincolnshire Showground will be closed Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th November, due to a pre-arranged event taking place on-site.

“Having known about this for a while, we have taken the appropriate measures which mean that people will not have been able to book an appointment for a vaccination at the Showground during these three days.  We will be open again as usual on Monday 29th November, and during the three days the site is closed our teams will be out vaccinating housebound patients and people in care homes,” concludes Rebecca.


Published 25/11/2021