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Improving Lincolnshire’s health and wellbeing

NHS Lincolnshire CCG has transferred to the new NHS Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board (ICB). Please now visit www.lincolnshire.icb.nhs.uk

Lincolnshire Integrated Care System (ICS), Chair

We are seeking a collaborative leader to chair Lincolnshire ICS.

Integrated care systems (ICSs) are partnerships of health and care organisations, local government and the voluntary sector. They exist to improve population health, tackle health inequalities, enhance productivity and help the NHS support broader social and economic development. The government is now aiming to strengthen the approach to Integrated Care Systems by remove barriers and creating the conditions for local partnerships to thrive. Legislation is currently passing through parliament with a key feature being the introduction of a new NHS Statutory body which will come into place in April 2022.

The new ICS NHS bodies will be established as new organisations that bind partner organisations together in a new way with common purpose. They will lead integration within the NHS, bringing together all those involved in planning and providing NHS services to take a collaborative approach to agreeing and delivering ambitions for the health of their population. They will ensure that dynamic joint working arrangements, as demonstrated through the response to COVID-19, become the norm. They will establish shared strategic priorities within the NHS and provide seamless connections to wider partnership arrangements at a system level to tackle population health challenges and enhance services at the interface of health and social care.

A key feature of the legislation will be for the Integrated Care Board (ICB) to work with an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) committee which will be formed jointly with Local Authority Partners. Together the ICP and ICB will become the ICS. We are now looking for candidates to become the Chair of the new ICS NHS Body who will develop these systems and, subject to legislation, support the proposed establishment of each system’s new statutory arrangements.

There is long history of joint working in Lincolnshire between the NHS, Local Authority Public Health, Social Care, the 3rd Sector, Housing and Children’s Services, to address the factors that determine health throughout the life course and to seek to reduce demand on health care services in a more preventative and proactive manner. In the last 18 months there has been a real step-change in the strength and effectiveness of this partnership working.

They believe that the senior leaders across health and care in Lincolnshire are best placed to design an ICS which works in their geography and for their population.

In the county there is :

  • Lincolnshire County Council (and 7 District Councils which together are coterminous with the County Council)
  • NHS Lincolnshire CCG (coterminous with County Council)
  • Three NHS Trusts – all with Lincolnshire in their titles (United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust; Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust; Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation NHS Trust)
  • 85 Lincolnshire GP practices
  • Lincolnshire Care Homes Association (295 care homes in the county)
  • Lincolnshire Voluntary Engagement Team (3rd sector grouping)
  • Alongside other key partners e.g. Lincolnshire Police

Do you have the experience to re-shape the health and care landscape in England?  Click on the link below for more information:

Non-executive opportunities in the NHS » Lincolnshire Integrated Care System (ICS), Chair (england.nhs.uk)

Published 28/07/2021