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Lincolnshire Safeguarding Team Newsletter – July 2021 Issue: 18

Heart handsDear Colleagues,

Welcome to the 18th edition of the Safeguarding Teams newsletter. Our aim is to keep you updated on our priorities over the coming year and share up to date safeguarding information or reminders to help you in your day to day roles.


  • Was Not Brought/Did Not Attend Guidance
  • Lincolnshire Mental Health Adviser Helpline
  • Domestic Abuse Newsletter
  • Safeguarding Report Requests from Children Services
  • Prevent Newsletter 2021

Was Not Brought/Did Not Attend Guidance

The failure to attend medical appointments can be an indicator of a child’s vulnerability, this was highlighted in the CEMACH 2008 noting that non-attendance at appointments was commonly seen in children who have died, the report made recommended how non attendees should be followed up. The CQC identifies that there should be a system in place for following up children who fail to attend appointments. The RCGP/NSPCC toolkit recommends that practices have procedures in place to follow up children who fail to attend appointments in primary or secondary care, as well as those who have high attendance rates at unscheduled care centres.

We are trying to support practices to have a system in place for DNA/WNB, and encourage practices to have their own policy in place. This was not brought guidance document produced by the CCG Safeguarding team is a guidance document or framework that can be modified or adapted by practices as required. Find out more

Lincolnshire Mental Health Adviser Helpline

We have recently renamed our Tier 2 Helpline, now called the Lincolnshire Mental Health Adviser Helpline, and we are keen to further promote this service across the system. This is a mental health advice line for those who are working with people where there may be concerns about the person’s mental health. We are keen to encourage staff within partner organisations to use this line to seek advice and guidance in relation to any mental health issues.

Mental Health Helpline in Lincolnshire – Lincolnshire CCG

Domestic Abuse Newsletter June 2021

Please find below Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Newsletter.

Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Newsletter – June 2021

Safeguarding Report Requests from Children’s Services

If you receive a request for a report about a patient who is no longer registered with your practice please feed this back to the Local Authority ASAP so that they can make attempts to find the correct practice. Your support in this is greatly appreciated.

Prevent Newsletter June 2021

Prevent Newsletter June 2021