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Lincolnshire Safeguarding Team Newsletter – May 2021 Issue: 17

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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the 17th edition of the Safeguarding Teams newsletter. Our aim is to keep you updated on our priorities over the coming year and share up to date safeguarding information or reminders to help you in your day to day roles.


  • 7 minute briefing – FII
  • Correct contact Information
  • Professional Awareness
  • Safe Sleep Infants Policy
  • Briefing
  • Prevent Newsletter
  • Operation Vigilance
  • Link to Paediatric Sexual Assault Referral Pathway
  • Link to TAC handbook
  • Make a Change
  • Hoarding Information
  • The Rose Project
  • Professional Curiosity

Seven minute briefings

Seven minute briefings are based on a technique borrowed from the FBI. It is based on research, which suggests that seven minutes is an ideal time span to concentrate and learn. Our plan is to release a seven minute briefing on a regular basis covering all subjects within safeguarding. Find out more.

Correct Contact Information – GP Practices

This is a polite notice to all practices, please can you ensure all email / contact correspondence we hold for your practice are up to date and accurately reflect your organisation.

Thank you.

Professional Awareness Briefing

#LookCloser is a partnership campaign aiming to raise awareness of child exploitation and abuse, with a particular focus on public spaces.

Find out more and help us spread the #LookCloser messages.

You can download the #LookCloser poster and leaflet here.

Safe Sleep for infants Policy

The LSCP has recently refreshed the Safer Sleep for Infants Policy which promotes safer sleep principles for infants which should be followed on all occasions when an infant is sleeping.

Make a Change Lincolnshire

Make a Change is delivered in Lincolnshire by the Jenkins Centre and our integrated support for survivors is delivered by Soldas.

We offer the full range of Make a Change services in Lincolnshire, including:

Direct work with people who are concerned about their behaviour towards their partner and/or ex-partner, including a full 26-week programme.

Proactive support to the partners and ex-partners of people referred to the service.

Briefings and trainings for professionals who want to strengthen their response to domestic abuse.

Community outreach, including to the friends and family of people using abusive behaviour and/or accessing our services.

Worried about your behaviour? – leaflet

Worried about your partner’s behaviour? – leaflet

Lincolnshire Multi agency HOARDING information

These guidance documents are designed to support frontline staff when hoarding has been identified within a person’s home: Hoarding – Lincolnshire County Council

The Rose Project

The ROSE project enables people with learning disabilities to be heard and for their voice to genuinely influence work to reduce the risk of sexual exploitation at all levels. See project flyer for more information.

ROSE Stands for…..

Reach – Reach supports everyone working on the project
Out – we are taking a message out to people
S  Stop – we want to stop bad things happening
E  Exploitation – when somebody uses somebody else badly to get what they want

Professional Curiosity

What is professional curiosity?

Building strong relationships with children, adults and their families, based on care and compassion, is crucial in promoting disclosure of abuse and to reducing environments where abuse and neglect exist. For this to occur there needs to be interest and curiosity into people’s narratives which needs to be embedded in the mind set of organisations and individual practitioners?  To work with families with compassion, but retain an open and questioning mind set, requires regular, challenging supervision and time for analysis and reflection of cases. People are more likely to make disclosures of abuse when they feel safe and listened to; sometimes this may only be a partial disclosure which requires professional curiosity to enquire further. See LSCP Professional Curiosity Briefing.

Useful links

Lincolnshire Paediatric Sexual Assault Referral Pathway

Team Around The Child Handbook