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Improving Lincolnshire’s health and wellbeing

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Lincolnshire Young Voices Develop new e-learning programme

Saturday, 16 October saw members of Lincolnshire Young Voices and the creative agency, Bad Shoes, recording the voice overs for their new e-learning programme called A Rough Guide – to not putting your foot in it.

The Lincolnshire Young Voices committee members have used their lived experience of disability to create a resource which is honest, yet light-hearted. They highlight the importance of good communication by sharing case studies including top tips for having a productive conversation and how to avoid any awkward ones. Crucially, the programme incorporates a one-page document that will enable professionals to get to know an individual before they meet with them – resulting in better outcomes for those with SEND. It promises to be a confidence booster for everyone.

The programme is intended for professionals working with Children and Young People and SEND to improve the way they communicate across a wide range of health and care professions.  The programme is funded by the NHS and as part of the process the CQC dialled in to observe the process.

Jo Tolley, Lincolnshire Young Voices Co-Chair said: “It’s been a long 18 months but I think we nailed it. I am so proud of what Lincolnshire Young Voices have achieved throughout the pandemic; Saturday (our first-face-to face meeting) reiterated the level of commitment our committee have. The training programme we’ve designed is testament to their talent, determination and passion to influence change. The overriding message they’ve chosen to share is one that not only professional can learn from: We all get it wrong or ‘put our foot in it’ sometimes but keep trying; keep communicating.”


Published 20/10/2021