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Living with Cancer Personalisation Team Newsletter | March 2022, Vol 1

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Implementing the Personalisation Pathway

Personalisation Team – NHS Lincs CCG

Engagement in ULHT

Engagement events went well across the three hospital sites, altogether we engaged with over 40 professionals! We hope you enjoyed your goodie packs! Thank you for taking the time out to come and see us, we hope this is something we can repeat in the near future. If you missed us at the event, please contact us at with your team and base location and we will come and see you on the next event.

Breast Team Special Mention

A special mention goes out to the Breast Team this month for sharing their standard operating procedure for next steps clinics. Their successful delivery will be used as a blue print model across the Trust.

Urology Team Shines

Well done to the Urology team, who have already started implementing end of treatment HNAs for prostate patients, fabulous work team!

Living with Cancer team 2Remote Monitoring Drop-in Session

Drop-in sessions are being rolled out for remote monitoring. If you would like to find out more about remote monitoring and how it is being implemented or would like to join a session, please get in touch

Cancer Support Lincolnshire Website

We are rolling out a Cancer Support Lincolnshire website. Currently in the development stage, this will be going live by the end of April. You will be able to signpost your patients to local Lincolnshire cancer related services and advice as well as accessing professional focused training and information.

Personalisation Team Monthly Meetings

The Personalisation Team in the Living with Cancer Team will be setting up monthly MS Teams meetings with your site specific teams from April – keep an eye out for the invitation dropping into your inbox.

Living with Cancer team 3Radiotherapy Visit

This month Lucy attended Lincoln Radiotherapy department to discuss supporting the end of treatment HNA actives, this was really positive and will massively contribute to patient experience.

Catch up with Steph’s Steering Groups

If you want to be part of the shaping and delivery of the personalisation pathway we recommend you join Steph’s steering groups. Here you can get an update on implementation progress, remote monitoring, next steps clinics and much more.
Thank you to all who have attended previous steering group meetings. If you would like to join, get in touch.


The Personalisation Team would like to thank ULHT for hosting the Personalisation Team during March. The visits across Lincoln, Grantham and Pilgrim were really successful and sparked some fantastic conversations. The cross organisational working will have such a positive impact on our patients, professionals and people of Lincolnshire.

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