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Mass Vaccination Centre reaches 100,000 vaccinations

PRSA 100,000 vaccinations

In a major milestone for the covid vaccination programme in Lincolnshire, the Mass Vaccination Centre (MVC) at Princess Royal Sports Arena (PRSA), Boston, has recently given its 100,000th vaccination.

Coming just over four months after PRSA MVC opened, and just seven weeks since it reached 50,000 vaccinations, hitting 100,000 vaccinations represents not only a major milestone for PRSA in its own right, but also a significant contribution to the covid vaccination programme in the county.

“From the beginning when we were vaccinating people over the age of 80, to now when we’re focusing on first vaccinations for people 30 and over, as well as second doses, it has been a challenge,” explains Lynda Stockwell, Clinical and Operational Lead, PRSA.  “The superb team of clinical and non-clinical staff we have assembled at PRSA have made it happen and made it fun at the same time.”

PRSA is one of two Mass Vaccination Centres in Lincolnshire, along with the Showground Mass Vaccination Centre near Lincoln.  The county also has a network of 13 Local Vaccination Centres run by local GP practices.

“It is difficult to describe how I feel about what we have achieved since mid-January, but it would be fair to say that I am hugely proud of the team at PRSA and what we have achieved.  An awful lot of people have put a huge amount of effort into making this happen and getting PRSA operational as a Mass Vaccination Centre, and the 100,000 vaccinations, is down to them.”

Now focusing on vaccinating people aged 30 and over, as well as giving second doses, and having recently introduced Pfizer to PRSA, it has been an exceptionally busy time for the entire team, as Martin Fahy, Director of Nursing and Quality, NHS Lincolnshire CCG, comments.

“We know it has been non-stop for Lynda and her team since the beginning and we are enormously grateful for everything they have done, not to mention hugely proud of them. The work undertaken by the team at PRSA, and also at the other vaccination sites across the county, is nothing short of inspirational.  The ongoing vaccination programme represents the best way of combatting covid, so we continue to strongly urge anyone eligible to come forwards for their vaccination when called.”

“The majority of people who have come to PRSA for their vaccination have been very grateful to have had the opportunity to do so,” adds Lynda.  “Most days we are vaccinating in excess of 1,000 people a day, so there are times when we have to ask people to be that little bit more patient with us, but I think that, for most people, getting vaccinated makes it all worthwhile.”

For more information on the covid vaccination programme in Lincolnshire visit www.lincolnshire.nhs.uk/covid/how-do-i-get-my-vaccination


Photo: L to R – Dr Amira Ibrahim, Tricia Parker (patient), Lynda Stockwell, Clinical and Operational Lead, PRSA, Chris Whitting, vaccinator.

Published 02/06/2021