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Microsoft 365 upgrade

To All Staff,

As you may be aware, we, the CCG have been preparing to modernise the IT Estate by upgrading all staff to Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (what you might have previously known as Office).  Arden & GEM CSU as our IT provider will be completing this on our behalf.

We are now in a position to start upgrading devices/machine and would like to make sure you are aware of what will come next:

How will this occur?

  • An installation package will be remotely deployed to your device/machine.  For the remote deployment to happen, please can you ensure that the machine is left powered on.   You will be advised nearer the time that this will be required.
  • Further comms will sent shorty advising of:
    • Option for installation
    • Once the upgrade is complete, you will need to…
    • Where to find the prepared training materials.  We have also arranged some training events which you can book onto, you will be advised how to do this.

Find out more 365 Roll Migration – Arden&Gem ( pptx )

For any questions, please drop an email to or