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New service for vulnerable patients with COVID-19

A new nationally-mandated service to provide treatment for vulnerable patients with COVID-19 has launched by the Lincolnshire healthcare system, to help prevent them becoming seriously ill and needing to be hospitalised.

Neutralising monoclonal antibodies (nMABs) are a type of COVID-19 treatment which are usually administered intravenously. There has already been a UK roll-out in hospitals for the nMAB Ronapreve in antibody seronegative patients who have been hospitalised to manage the symptoms of COVID-19 infection and who are either aged 50 and over, OR aged 12 to 49 AND considered immunocompromised.

This treatment will now be offered to other vulnerable patients before there is a need for them to be hospitalised at agreed locations across the country. In Lincolnshire, a service has this week been launched in the rheumatology building at Lincoln County Hospital.

If you have a patient who is classed as vulnerable and has a positive PCR test, please direct them to 111 for an initial triage and advice on what to do next. Post-treatment, a standard outcome letter will be sent to the patient’s GP.