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Improving Lincolnshire’s health and wellbeing

NHS Lincolnshire CCG has transferred to the new NHS Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board (ICB). Please now visit www.lincolnshire.icb.nhs.uk

Newly commissioned Direct Payment Support Service to start from 1 July 2021

NHS Lincolnshire CCG has recently undertaken a procurement process for a newly commissioned Direct Payment Support Service to start from 1 July 2021.   Following the conclusion of this process, NHS Lincolnshire CCG is pleased to announce that the successful bidder is PeoplePlus Group.

PeoplePlus Group is an experienced support service provider with over 20 years of experience and they currently support 20 other CCGs to deliver direct payments via a personal health budget. The CCG is confident that they will be able to deliver a high standard of service in meeting the ongoing needs of our individuals.

The PeoplePlus team, will be providing personalised support services from July 1st 2021. This includes:

  • Dedicated personal health budgets team with your own allocated adviser
  • Duty support service for rapid response when allocated adviser unavailable
  • Bespoke support to recruit personal assistants, utilising PeoplePlus Group’s innovative Social Recruitment Framework which links successful applicants to pre and post-employment social care and health training
  • Access to PeoplePlus Group’s online personal assistant portal, enabling you to search for suitable candidates thanks to our proactive promotion of personal assistant as a career across all areas of Lincolnshire
  • Support (as and when you need) to interview personal assistants and guide you through process of being a good employer. Interactive workshops are available to enable you to enhance your skills
  • Dedicated payroll team, supporting you and your employees with timely issue of payslips. This includes replicating your current payroll cycle so there is no disruption to you or your care team.
  • Access to PeoplePlus Group’s online payroll bureau when required – this enables timesheet submission online, e-payslips, document store and annual leave tracking.
  • Dedicated managed account team, proactively supporting you with management of your personal health budget – undertaking all monitoring and expenditure activity for you; providing you with updates as and when you require them to help you manage your support package.

We would like to reassure you that there are robust processes in place to ensure a smooth transition to the new service provider.

PeoplePlus Group will be holding digital welcome meetings throughout June 2021. If you would like to attend, please email ilslincolnshire@peopleplus.co.uk or telephone 0330 123 2815. PeoplePlus Group will then send you an invite closer to the date.

If you have any queries in relation to the service PeoplePlus group will be offering, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

PeoplePlus Contact Details
All Telephone enquiries: 0330 123 2815
All General Emails: ilslincolnshire@peopleplus.co.uk
Website https://www.peopleplus.co.uk/ (select “COMMUNITIES”)