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NHS-Galleri trial

NHS-Galleri trial photo

We are delighted that East Midlands Cancer Alliance is supporting recruitment to the NHS-Galleri trial, which aims to evaluate a new test that uses a single blood sample to test for many different cancers. The test is designed to be used alongside other cancer screening tests.

The trial is led by the Cancer Research UK & King’s College London Cancer Prevention Trials Unit in partnership with the NHS and healthcare company GRAIL, which developed the Galleri™ test.

The NHS is supporting the study to see if the test can help the NHS find more cancers at earlier stages. As one of eight alliances involved nationally, we will be supporting the trial team to recruit healthy volunteers, aged 50-77 with no history of cancer in the last 3 years, and representative of the UK population. Recruitment in our Cancer Alliance region is due to begin this autumn.

Ensuring that health professionals are informed about the trial is a high priority.

The goal is to recruit 140,000 people across all eight trial regions and eligible participants in Lincolnshire will have recently received letters inviting them to register to join the trial. The trial team is advising people of their right to choose to not receive an invitation to participate through posters and newspaper adverts before invitation letters are sent.

Participants who consent to take part will be asked to provide a blood sample at a local mobile clinic.

They will be invited back for second and third blood samples at yearly intervals. Detection of a cancer signal by the test does not confirm a diagnosis of cancer and will be followed up by diagnostic

evaluation. Participants whose results indicate a cancer signal will be referred directly to an appropriate local NHS 2-ww cancer referral pathway. GPs will be informed of the test result but do not have to make the referral. The trial has been designed to minimise the impact on GP practices, although we recognise that GPs or other health professionals may be asked by patients about the trial and supporting information will be available.

For more information, visit: NHS-Galleri Trial | Detecting cancer early