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NHS Pensions Scheme Update

Please see a recent update from the NHS Pension Scheme regarding – Contribution Rate Consultation Update, COVID 19 Act Temporary Suspensions Update, Starters, Leavers and Retirement Process reminder.

Pensions contributions rate consultation update

As you may be aware a recent consultation occurred that looked at amending the way pension contributions are deducted.  These changes were due to come into effect from 1 April 2022, this has now moved to 1 October 2022.

The only changes to the initial proposals were to delay the effective date, delay the use of aggregation across multiple jobs and review the way a bank employees’ rate is determined.

The consultation outcome can be found here

NHS Employers response can be found here

COVID 19 Act Temporary Suspension Extension

The end of the COVID-19 Act was approaching and the retire and return and abatement rules would have been re-introduced from 25 March 2022.  A short consultation is in progress to extend this date and details can be found here.

For your information and as we are fast approaching the original end date NHS Pensions are currently giving out the following information:

We understand DHSC will shortly be publishing a public consultation which sets out proposals to continue the retire and return easements currently provided by Section 45 of the Coronavirus Act. These proposals will extend the easements to 31st October 2022 via temporary amendments to NHS Pension Scheme regulations. Due to this imminent consultation, we have paused our work in providing Earnings Margins to our members for the time being.

New starters and leavers process for pension scheme members

It has come to my attention that some new starters and leavers are not being given NHS Pensions Scheme information when they join or leave employment.  Please note that this is an NHS Pensions scheme requirement under the Employers Charter.

If you have a new starter, please include the relevant NHS Pensions scheme information within your new starter documentation.

The Scheme guide can be found here

The new employee questionnaire can be found here

If you have a leaver who is not retiring, then the Leaving Early and Transferring Out Guide should be provided – this can be found here.

Retirement Notice Reminder

In my previous communication (Client communication 241.0) I mentioned that it is important for the correct retirement policies to be available and accessible for your staff.  We are continuing to receive high numbers of employees not giving the required notice which in turn puts pressure on the process to submit retirement documentation to NHS Pensions.   It also effects members who have given the required amount of notice as retirement forms get moved further back in the workflow.

I understand this is mainly due to the upcoming McCloud Judgement changes but would like to politely remind all organisations that we require at least 4 months’ notice and the AW8 form should be requested from NHS SBS via the correct channels.  This is either from your teams via our generic email account or directly from the employee via our service desk portal.

We also perform monthly Pre-retirement Webinars which details the retirement process and how benefits are worked out.

Your help on this matter will be appreciated.

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