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Pay Progression 2021/22

From 1 April 2021 (as part of agreed changes to National Terms and Conditions of employment in 2018), for staff to move up to their next increment/pay point, managers have to confirm the following for their employees:

  • Their appraisal is complete
  • There are no performance concerns
  • No formal disciplinary process in place
  • Mandatory training is complete

Taking account of the Pandemic the CCG Executive Team have agreed for 2021/22 to suspend individual pay progression meetings until further national guidance is issued.

However, it is important that as we move through the year, all staff have an appraisal/PDR and we will be monitoring appraisal completion across the CCG.  Therefore, we would request that line managers schedule appraisals with their staff which will need to be recorded in ESR.

If you are a line manager and have already received notifications about pay incremental pay progression the workforce team will automatically make the change on your behalf.

Activity ESR recording Workshops – Over the next few weeks the workforce team will be inviting managers to attend a training session to explain how record appraisal/PDR and other self-service functionality i.e. sickness absence.

Appraisal/PDR On-line training – If you have previously registered the training  can be accessed here PDR Training

All managers will have been registered previously, however if you are a new manager who has started recently you will need to be set on the system. In this case please e-mail

1:1 and appraisal forms can be downloaded here Staff Documents – Lincolnshire CCG

If you have any queries about the above please contact

Thank you to all those who have completed appraisal/PDR to date!