Phase 1 arrangements – Limited return to the office

Dear Colleagues,

As you will be aware the Government lifted many national restrictions on 19 July 2021.  You will also be aware that the CCG, together with colleagues from the staff engagement team have been working on arrangements for a limited return to the office for August and September based on a rota system. We have called this Phase 1.

Phase 2 arrangements (provisionally set for 1 October 2021  (which are based on a blended or hybrid working model) are currently being developed and we have asked everyone to complete a staff survey to help us shape our plans. If you haven’t done so we would ask you to do this as soon as possible.

To help clarify the plans for the Phase 1 return and the recent changes to National guidance including, testing/notifications you may receive from the NHS app and/or track and trace we have  produced the following FAQ’s. If you have any further queries please speak to your line manager as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation which is intended to keep you, your colleagues and our residents safe at this time.

Martin Fahy

Director of Nursing & Quality
CCG HR & OD Lead


FAQs Phase 1 arrangements – Limited return to the office

Who are Phase 1 arrangements for?
We recognise that teams have not had the opportunity to meet together for many months.   In addition to the teams already attending the offices,  the purpose of the rota is to  now allow other teams the ability to attend their current base once a month in August and twice a month in September to meet with their manager if required.  Please speak to your manager to confirm the arrangements for your team. The rota’s can be found here > PHASE 1 – Office working rotas BH and COC
Where can I sit?
As there is plenty of space you can sit at your usual desk or at a desk in an adjoining office subject to social distancing rules
Can I use the kitchen facilities?
Yes you can but please adhere to the rules which are on each door
Will I have to where a face mask?
The current arrangements  remain in place which is that you should where a face mask in public areas including the toilets, the corridors and the kitchen area
Are wipes and hand gel still available?
Yes they are.  We ask all staff to wipe down desks and equipment before and after use and before leaving the office
Do I have to check in via the NHS app?
Yes all staff should check in via the app when they arrive.  This is to ensure that track and trace can contact you should the need arise. Please also sign in as you would normally do.
If I have a specific health concern do I need to attend the office?
Everyone should have completed and have an up to date risk assessment completed.  If you have a health condition that has not been previously assessed then you should speak to your manager before attending the office
What will happen from October onwards?
Phase 2 arrangements are currently being developed and we will provide further information in due course

Testing, the NHS app and Track and Trace

Do I have to take a lateral flow test if I attend the office?
Yes guidance was issued previously. We have updated this in light of the recent government announcement.  See our COVID-19 Testing flowchart for guidance.
Does this apply to the Phase 1 return arrangements?
Yes. If you are attending the office you should follow the same arrangements.
If I am pinged by the app should I attend the office/remain in the office?
If you receive an app notification to isolate, your manager will conduct a risk assessment to establish if it is safe for you to remain working in the office or continue to work from home.  Details of the procedure to follow can be found here > COVID-19 App Notification to isolate – Risk Assessment
If I am contacted by track and trace should I attend the office/remain in the office?
If you receive a NHS Test and Trace notification that you are a named contact of a COVID-19 positive person, you must isolate and inform your line manager.  If you are at work you should leave the office and remain at home until you receive further advice from your line manager.

If the manager determines that there is a risk to the safety of a service, you may be contacted to assist with the risk assessment process. This will only be considered after all other possible solutions have been explored and must only be used as a last resort. Details of the procedure to follow can be found here > COVID-19 Test and Trace Notification to isolate – Risk Assessment