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Redeployment to assist with the vaccination programme

Colleagues as you will be aware we are currently redeploying staff to assist with the vaccination programme which has increased significantly with the call to action to ensure that everyone can be offered a vaccination by 31 December. Some of our staff will be redeployed and it If it is agreed that you will be redeployed into a different role in order to support priority work, there will be no changes to your banding and level of pay or terms and conditions of employment. You will be paid at your substantive rate whilst you temporarily adopt your new role. For example, if you usually work in a band 7 role, but are redeployed to support in a band 6 role, you will be paid at band 7 rates.

In addition if you undertake additional shifts in order to support priority work, these shifts will be paid at the band level they are advertised at. Your substantive role and the hours you continue to work in that, will remain at your substantive band and pay level. For example, if you work 20 hours a week in a band 7 role, and volunteer to also undertake 10 hours of additional shifts in a band 6 role, you will be paid band 7 rates for your substantive 20 hours, and band 6 for your additional 10 hours.

The response we have had from all the CCG teams has been fantastic to date with many staff already agreeing to be redeployed at short notice into a whole range of different roles. Everybody’s flexibility and willingness to volunteer to support this next phase of the vac programme is really appreciated and we thank you all for your willingness and tolerance as we move swiftly to mobilise our teams to meet this latest challenge.

If you have any questions please speak to your direct line manager.

What is required if you want to volunteer for the programme? Click here to find out more.