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Scam Alert – be aware 

A new twist on an old scam has emerged, in which fraudsters are using the pandemic as the perfect excuse to trick people into buying them Amazon gift cards.

There have been reports from scam victims who receive seemingly innocent emails from a friend, relative or work colleague only to discover that they were communicating with a fraudster all along. Once an email account has been hacked, criminals will try any way to make money; this includes sending emails to their contact list.

A common tactic is to ask them to buy an Amazon gift card offering a spurious reason as to why they cannot purchase it themselves, and the pandemic has given them the perfect excuse. As the recipients are likely to trust the address of the sender, they assume the request is genuine and agree to purchase the gift cards. Now the scammer can simply ask that you share the serial numbers so that they can cash them in. Find out more.

Action Fraud provides a useful infographic about email spoofing.

To report scams please contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or by visiting their website.

If you have any concerns about NHS fraud in particular then please contact the

trust’s nominated Counter Fraud Specialist, Taelor Martin, on 07591989713 or at

You can also report NHS fraud anonymously to the NHS Counter Fraud Authority on 0800 028 40 60 or by completing their online reporting form.


Published 03/02/2021