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Share your thoughts on this year’s Spring Pedometer Challenge!

Hello all, we have recently heard about a ‘Miles Better’ challenge organised by ‘ONE YOU Lincolnshire’.  The challenge can be open for participants to either work as part of a team or as an individual to increase their physical activity levels over 6-8 weeks. The aim is to try and achieve a mile of movement each day using any mode of exercise. Participants will be able to log their activity data electronically on a weekly basis.

We looked at the challenge and we think this may be a better offer as it is hosted and administrated by ONE YOU Lincolnshire. Please see poster below.

LCC have recently run this same challenge through One You Lincs and it was received very well.

We wonder if this would be a better opportunity for us to run a challenge as a system rather than to run our own Pedometer challenge internally.

We invite you to have a think about this and let Dominika know your thoughts ASAP. We could look to start the challenge towards the end of April which would follow the Easter Holiday.


Dominika Mroz
Project Support Officer – The People Plan
(Hosted by Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust)


Mob No: 07581019681

Miles Better - One You Lincolnshire