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Staff winter vaccination programme 2021

Dear colleagues, I am pleased to be able to now confirm arrangements for the winter vaccination programme 2021.

The JCVI recently confirmed eligibility for health and social care workers, all aged over 50 years of age and those aged 16 plus with a long term health condition to receive a Covid booster vaccination. Arrangements have been put into place for all CCG staff to access the Covid booster vaccination through the hospital hub, and appointments are available at either Lincoln, Boston or Grantham and the booking system can be accessed by clicking on your preferred location below.

Lincoln Hospital Hub

Grantham Hospital Hub

Pilgrim Hospital Hub

You will be required to remain in the Hospital Hub for 15 minutes post-vaccination.

Please check the date you received your second COVID-19 vaccine dose and please only book a booster vaccination when 6 months have passed, if you attend before this time you will not be able to be vaccinated.  Please bring to your appointment evidence of your second dose date of your primary COVID-19 vaccine.  If you book earlier than 6 months and attend the Hospital Hub we will be unable to vaccinate you.

The JCVI ‘advises a preference for the Pfizer-BioNTech (BNT162b2/ Comirnaty®) vaccine to be offered as the third booster dose irrespective of which product was used in the primary schedule.  In our Hospital Hubs they will be providing Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine only.

If you have been advised not to have the Pfizer vaccine, please email Within your email please provide the clinical reason(s) for you not being able to have the Pfizer vaccine.

As part of our ’21 Winter Vaccination Programme the Hospital Hub is also offering to administer your flu vaccine, as per JCVI guidance. Please let the clinical staff know if you would also like to receive the flu vaccine when you attend your appointment. Public Health England PHE/Green Book guidance states that if the vaccines are not given together, they can be administered at any interval.

The Hospital Hub will also provide an optional health check when staff attend their vaccination appointment. This can include checking weight, height, BMI (body mass index) and blood pressure.  They will also be providing information regarding further health interventions i.e. smoking cessation plus how to access mental health services i.e. counselling etc.

Please note that car parking is free when you attend your vaccination(s), and on arrival you will be asked to input your vehicle and name details into a spreadsheet to inform the car parking department there will be no parking fee charged.

If any member of staff believes they are eligible for a third primary dose rather than a booster (due to being immunocompromised) and is having difficulty securing this please contact me directly at

For those staff who are not yet eligible or do not wish to access a covid booster dedicated flu clinic dates will be circulated shortly to all staff.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me directly for any queries.