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Thrive Academy – Weekly update

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Hi everyone,

It’s hard to believe that January is already drawing to a close! We hope you have had a positive and productive start to the year, but if you’ve had some challenges, you can still check out January’s theme of ‘Stress and Anxiety’. You can watch a short video on this from Becky Balzano on the Thrive Academy page HERE, and if you missed the last Shapes Masterclass on ‘How to Manage Stress and Anxiety’ from Drs Rachel Morris and Caroline Walker, you can find the replay on the page too.

Here are the upcoming events in your Thrive Academy programme – we’ve still got some places left so reserve your spot now!

Shapes Masterclass

How to beat burnout in the new ways of working.

Do you ever feel disorganised and unproductive at work, having a rather ‘whack a mole’ or ‘spray and pray’ approach?! Does it feel like you’re being inefficient and that you could be making better use of your time?

In this Masterclass we cover the best planning, prioritising and productivity hacks specific to you. These effective tools will help you increase productivity, get organised and seamlessly glide through your week feeling accomplished and in control.

Monday 31st January at 7.30pm – BOOK HERE.

We hope to see you on one of the Thrive sessions very soon.


Best wishes,

Rachel and Becky
Hosts of the Thrive Academy Lincolnshire