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Updating to Windows 10

A Windows 10 update is being rolled out across Lincolnshire because Microsoft will soon stop supporting the version we currently use.   As a result, all desktops and laptops need to be updated.

from the 25th October the update will start to get installed automatically onto devices. The update happens in the background and there is an option to defer restarting the device once complete.  Please allow up to a maximin of 60 mins when the device is restarted as it needs to complete a number of configuration changes when it restarts which will make the device unusable during this process.

The update is available as an optional install until 25th October, after which time it will be pushed to devices and installed automatically.

You can access the update via the portal manager (available via the start button).   The installation does take time to complete so you are advised to block out some time out to do it.   You can download these step by step instructions to help you with the process.

Why do I need to update Windows?

The “old” version of Windows 10 is going out of support. Therefore, all desktops and laptops need to be updated. Please note the update was first rolled out in April so it’s possible that some devices are up to date.

How do I find out if I need to update my device?

You need to log into your device and check the compliance status on the front screen.  If it says your operating system is Windows 10 Enterprise 2009 then you are up to date and don’t need to do anything further.  This is what you will see:​​​​​​​

Windows 10 update image




Don’t worry about the number in brackets – your number may differ to what is shown on the picture above.

If your operating system is different to what is shown above, then you must download the Windows 10 update.

How do I download the update?

Follow the attached step by step instructions on how to do this.

Don’t worry if the file doesn’t appear in the portal manager straight away just keep checking the portal manager regularly and when available the install can be done.

After the update you will need to re-log on to the various systems/sites you normally access such as Outlook, so make sure you know your passwords

What happens if I don’t update Windows?​​​​​​​

If you do not run the update yourself by the 25th October, the update will be installed on your device automatically, whether it is convenient or not, so we strongly recommend that you follow the steps and complete the upgrade as soon as possible at your convenience.

Getting help

If you experience any faults or issues during the upgrade you should log these to the Arden & GEM service desk either via the self-service portal or by phone if urgent on 0300 123 1020.