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Last night (31 January 2022), the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care stated that he was intending to revoke the regulations relating to the statutory requirement for NHS staff to be vaccinated where staff had direct contact with patients and service users. This legislation was known as the VCOD Regulations (Vaccination of a Condition of Deployment).

The Government’s decision is subject to Parliamentary process and will require further consultation on ‘ending’ the mandate and subject to the outcome of the responses, the government will seek to revoke this regulation.

For now this means that all CCG staff employed in roles that had direct face to face contact with patients or service users will not be required to provide evidence of their vaccination status at this stage.

We are keen that you are kept up to date with all the relevant information on this issue so that you can understand how the changes may impact on you and our services.

I want to thank everyone for their cooperation and support.


Martin Fahy

Director of Nursing & Quality

CCG Executive HR Lead