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Welcome to November! Thrive Academy

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As we move into Winter and await the Government’s Winter plan many of us will still be dealing with uncertainty and rising Covid numbers. Speaking with colleagues working across NHS trusts some have said they feel that whilst the country has almost returned to ‘business as usual’ with bars and shopping centres showing little signs of a pandemic, within the hospitals there is still full alert and full precautions. This has caused frustration and confusion amongst workers. Many are also still struggling to keep up with patient lists and many have experienced a decline in patience from the general public. All in all we recognise that those working in healthcare are still experiencing high demands and stress levels.

The Thrive Academy can be one way to help alleviate your levels of stress and help bolster your resilience and emotional well-being during this time. By attending one of our  live, facilitated wellbeing sessions in which we give guidance, relief and support to you as members, you are taking positive action towards keeping yourself well and putting on your own oxygen mask first.

The theme for this month is ‘Thinking traps’.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a train of thought that’s brought about frustration, or having ‘something on your mind’ that you can’t get your head around while it distracts you and takes your mental focus.

Sometimes we get ourselves into what Aaron Beck describes as ‘Thinking Traps’. Things like mindreading others, having ‘tunnel vision’, jumping to conclusions, we have all been stuck in these at times, possibly without even realising it. Sometimes these thinking traps lead us to deal with the situation in an unhelpful way.

In this short video on our website, our  emotional resilience coach Becky Balzano introduces us to the types of Thinking Traps and gives some useful self inquiry questions to help free our minds.

Our September Master class on How to manage productivity was unfortunately delayed and sadly some of you missed it due to our technical issue. We have therefore decided to repeat this topic on November 29th at 7.30pm – watch the replay.

Most people that have accessed the session are finding them ‘extremely helpful’ so we also encourage you to prompt a colleague, friend or team member to book on too, it might just be the nudge or reminder they need to make time for their well-being.

What’s on in November

Shapes Masterclass – ‘How to get some rest and headspace’

How to get some rest and headspace is a question we often get asked. In this Masterclass we cover what types of rest and headspace we need and why , how to balance energy and how to turn down the ‘noise’ of everyday life that takes our energy and attention, giving our self headspace to think and focus.

Monday 1st November at 1.30pm – BOOK YOUR PLACE

Mindful Pause

This 45-minute online session is led by an experienced mindfulness teacher and includes guided gentle mindful movement and sitting practice, a short discussion and practical suggestions for building mindfulness into daily life. You are welcome whether you are new to mindfulness or have existing experience. Choose either date or both!

Monday 8th November at 12.30pm AND Monday 22th November at 7.30pm – BOOK YOUR PLACE

Time to Pause

A safe and confidential online space for you to come together, with your colleagues, to share the highs and lows of working through challenging times, with an experienced facilitator. Sessions are 1.5 hours and space is limited.

Tuesday 23rd November at 12.30pm – BOOK YOUR PLACE

Workplace Wellbeing

‘Supporting Our Colleagues’

How do you support colleagues at such a difficult time? Many of us find it tricky to know how to support our teams. In this workshop you will:

  • Explore strategies to support each other at work
  • Learn about resources available to support workers
  • Leave feeling empowered to support each other

Wednesday 17th November at 7.30pm – BOOK YOUR PLACE

Shapes Toolkit – full course

There are still some places available on our LIVE and INTERACTIVE Shapes Toolkit Training course, which introduces you to seven breakthrough coaching and productivity principles. This is ideal for healthcare professionals who want to beat stress, increase their own resilience and support their colleagues too.

This highly sought-after course is delivered live as two half days of training over Zoom on 14th and 22nd March 2022, from 1.30pm to 5pm. BOOK YOUR PLACE


And a reminder about …

The Staff Wellbeing Hub in Lincolnshire

It’s great that you’re signed up to the Lincolnshire Thrive Academy and we also wanted to let you know about the NHS Staff Wellbeing Hub in Lincolnshire.

As a response to the pressures NHS and social care staff face, particularly since the COVID pandemic, mental health hubs have been set up nationally to offer staff access to wellbeing resources, rapid clinical assessment and treatment. Information on this can be found on the following website.

If people feel they need more than self-help support, then they contact the hub via the email address, or call the helpline number, 01522 518609, which is manned Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm (messages can be left outside of these times).

Hub Email:

Through this, staff will be offered a comprehensive mental health assessment, be then referred, if necessary, to ongoing support from the relevant mental health service that best fits their needs. All NHS and Social care staff will be prioritised for treatment, and placed at the top of any waiting list, and the services are completely confidential. The support is available for all health and social care staff working in Lincolnshire to access, whether working full-time, part-time, bank and agency, as well as students on placement.

More emails from us here at the Thrive Academy will follow but in the meantime have a look at the website and book onto anything you think would be helpful!


Speak soon,


Rachel and Becky

Hosts of the Thrive Academy Lincolnshire


Dr Rachel Morris

GP, host of the ‘You Are Not A Frog’ podcast and Executive Coach


Becky Balzano

NLP Practitioner, Executive Coach and Shapes Trainer


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