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Student placement testimonials – NHS Lincolnshire CCG

The CCGs Finance Teams over the last 2 years have been supporting undergraduate placements and in August/September we say a huge thank you and goodbye to Brandon, Jacob and Patrick this year’s students from the University of Lincoln.  All who are returning to University and wish them every best wish in the future and with their careers

Brandon, Jacob and Patrick have shared their journey with the CCG Finance teams and how initially they found it challenging, daunting and interesting and how they have developed new skills, experienced month and year ends and associated pressures, realised the complexity of finance in the NHS. Also, through the support of colleagues, the friendly environment, they felt they had the chance to learn and grow.  Ultimately, realising what areas of finance that they would like to pursue in the future.

You can read their personal journeys below.

We are look forward to welcoming in August this year’s new incumbent’s


Brandon Phillip

Where do I start? To say that I have enjoyed my year with Lincolnshire CCG would be an understatement. I have had the pleasure to work with and alongside members of staff within the CHC department as well as the financial accounting department.  They have been nothing but the best as they have been kind, helping & knowledgeable in aiding my journey throughout the year so that I have a great experience. Throughout the year, I did come across challenges in which members of staff did help me overcome which then helped me to complete tasks going forward.

The first few months of this journey was daunting as I didn’t know what to expect but I slowly became comfortable with the work and staff within the CCG as the culture and the environment was friendly. I have learnt a lot that I can take with me after this journey has completed whether that’s applying that to the work that I will have in my final year at university or my future career in accounting and finance.

I have seven weeks left of this beautiful journey to complete and the road to finishing my third and final year of University begins. But before I do so I want to thank everyone from across the CHC department and the Financial accounting team that I have worked with throughout the year. But I want to send a special thank you to one individual. This individual and I started our journey together towards the end of November 2020 when I switched departments from CHC to Financial accounting. This individual has been a great role model and leader throughout this journey and will continue to be even after this journey has completed. I want to send special thanks to David Ridley. You have truly made this experience for me amazing and memorable and after I complete my final year at University, I do hope that we can find time to meet up and celebrate our achievements together. I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you.

To the whole of the CCG at Lincolnshire, I hope that you are showered with blessings and happiness.

Kindest Regards, Brandon Phillip

Jacob Levitt

Overall, I have had a fantastic and fulfilling experience working in the Lincolnshire CCG over the course of the last 10 months. I applied for this placement in order to gain some much needed experience which I can use on my CV as well as use in my future career and I believe I have gained the necessary experience to aid with both of these objectives.

I initially worked in the CHC Finance team with Richard Taylor as my line manager. My day to day job was processing invoices and dealing with provider queries – I was given a few of my own providers to deal with, which I enjoyed as it gave me a sense of responsibility and also helped to develop my communication skills and time-management skills, especially when having to process invoices on time in line with NHS policy.

I now work in the Primary Care team under Management Accounting and this is a role I have thoroughly enjoyed. I still process invoices, however I am now also tasked with creating journals for the senior colleagues in my team, especially at month-end, and I take care of provider reconciliations weekly. I also appreciate working in Management Accounting as it is an area I wish to work in within my career.

Patrick Barco

My experience at the NHS Lincolnshire CCG has been an interesting yet challenging one. Working in such a strange times has made me realised how lucky I am to have been given the opportunity to work in a role that I really wanted to get into and in a company as professional as the National Health Service. Before I started my placement, I had a picture in my head of how a professional environment would look like, which made me anxious and it’s like one of those scenarios where people will give you stuff to do with little to none timeframe and you will be drowned with things that you have to do. But actually, it’s the total opposite of it. We were given the chance to learn, improve and grow.

As a university student, I never get the chance to experience working in a finance professional environment as we tend to be more focused with our studies. With this placement, I get to experience and put my knowledge into practice. I learnt how the NHS Finance works and how it contributes to the whole purpose of giving the best quality of healthcare to the people. I got to process invoices and apply some accounting principles alongside it. I have managed to improve my communication skills through meetings and by working alongside my amazing colleagues who are always willing to help me. Analytical skills is also one of the skills that I never thought I will use as I don’t really believe that I got the best analytical skills but through placement I have managed to improve it, working for month-end which I’m not going to lie was the most stressful part of the job but I have managed to survive. It is also important to my role that I am able to manage my task and organise it according to its priorities and setting goals within the timeframe given. The team frequently checks up on me, making sure that I am comfortable with what I’m doing or if I have any issues or suggestions that I want to raise alongside this, they tend to give me enough feedbacks to improve.

I’m very surprised at how flexible the job was, in terms of experiencing different sides of finance. I was at the Continuing Healthcare Finance and Contracting team and I got transferred to the Finance Business Partner – Planned Care team. It helped me realise what I want to do for when I graduate and what I want to do in the long run.