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Younger people urged to get vaccinated against covid

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Against a backdrop nationally of increasing numbers of young people with coronavirus being admitted to hospital, younger people across Lincolnshire are being urged to come forwards and get vaccinated.

Following on from the so-called ‘Freedom Day’ on Monday 19th July, media and social media have been full of pictures of pubs, nightclubs, and sports events filled with people not social distancing or wearing face coverings, many of whom were younger and likely to be unvaccinated.

“The number of people being admitted to hospital has been ticking up steadily over recent weeks, although fortunately not to the same degree as last winter thanks to the rollout of the covid vaccination.  However, unlike last winter, many of the people now being admitted to hospital are young and unvaccinated,” explains Rebecca Neno, Deputy Chief Nurse, NHS Lincolnshire CCG.

“We’ve come so far as a country with our vaccination programme, but there has been a definite drop off in the numbers of younger people coming forwards to be vaccinated, particularly those aged 18-29.  Whilst many people might point to the six successive days of falling covid case rates, which is certainly encouraging, it is important to note the daily figures do not yet include the impact of the easing of restrictions on 19th July.

“The covid vaccination has seriously weakened the link between getting covid and being unwell, or seriously unwell and being admitted to hospital, or worse.  However, although younger people are generally at lower risk of dying as a result of covid, hospitals around the country are reporting increasing admissions of very unwell younger and unvaccinated patients.  This is heart breaking since it could so easily be avoided by getting vaccinated,” comments Rebecca.

Having celebrated giving its one millionth vaccination last week, the covid vaccination programme in Lincolnshire continues and part of its offer is walk-in vaccinations, the benefit of which are that no appointment needs to be made.

Grab a jab at one of our drop-in clinics

Alternatively, it is possible to pre-book a vaccination via the National Booking System website or by calling 119

“Thinking of the younger people in particular, we know that there are a various reasons why some have not yet come forwards for their vaccination, and I want them to know that, if they have any questions or concerns, they can approach any of our vaccination teams who will provide whatever information is necessary – please come and talk to us to sort the fact from the fiction, and please don’t be one of those people who could have avoided ending up in hospital or worse,” adds Rebecca.


Published 27/07/2021