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Stairlift Provision

Lincolnshire County Council is the Accountable Body for the DFG funding and allocates the Better Care Fund monies to each of the seven District Councils in Lincolnshire.  It is the responsibility of the District Council to consider applications and deliver the necessary Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) works.  Some aspects that could be considered as part of any new LCES contract could be the provision of stair lifts, modular ramps and small aids and adaptations.

The District Councils currently contract with stair lift providers.  The authorities purchase these on an outright basis.  The proposal if they came through the Lincolnshire Community Equipment Service contract would be for the stair lifts and modular ramps to be viewed as an item of equipment within the catalogue, as ceiling hoists currently are, and provided through LCES on a loan basis.  This way the Districts would benefit from the piece of equipment being recycled.

Looking at historical data for stair lifts provided, those in process and occupational therapy service data it is estimated that approximately 200 stair lifts could be provided per year through any future contract.  The assumption that the majority of stair lifts provided will be straight; however there will be a proportion where a curved stair lift are required.